Kate Spade Sample sale

  1. FYI -- the site must be reeeeeally busy, as I've been trying to access the sale pages (after the log-in) for 15 minutes! I guess all us gals who got the special email are trying at the same time! :wtf:
  2. I don't want to buy the whole $250.
    Anyone knows if they have Free shipping coupon?

  3. Is this online only or in stores too? I can't seem to log on either. Since it's for 3 days maybe they'll save some good stuff....one can only hope.
  4. I can't get into the site either. Too much traffic, I guess.
  5. I just tried to get on to the site and it seems to be very clogged! I wonder whats left??
  6. Thanks for sharing. Everything I wanted was also sold out.

    Free shipping from reesycakes.com (not sure if it still works)
  7. I have been trying to get on too, but can't. I'll keep trying throughout the day.
  8. Finally able to see the items now, but looks like just about everything I add in the basket is sold out. Bummer!!
  9. I got a cute card holder (I've been looking for a new one for a few weeks), a pair of slingbacks (can never have enough in black) and the laptop case. It took quite a while to log on and move through the pages, but I found that hitting the Kate Spade logo often got it unstuck. Strange method, but it worked for me!

    Good luck! :yahoo:
  10. I can't believe how hard it is to get into the site!!! You'd think the whole world was trying to log in.
  11. I decided to get a cardholder and some sheets- too bad no queen fitted sheets.
  12. I ordered an IPod case.... everything else I tried to order was gone! Boo hoo! :crybaby:
  13. I can't even get on to see what they have but probably nothing left like you gals said. :sad: