kate spade sample sale!

  1. just go to the site.
  2. Some GOOD deals here, too bad I'm not in the market for new bags right now. Check out the wallets...really cheap!
  3. I pounced on the black leather punched noel bag as a bday girl for my best friend, she has been wanting a black kate spade for ages. Yay! What a steal.
  4. So excited:graucho: !!! Even though its on backorder, I've been wanting one for weeks since I saw it at Neimans!! Hope she gets here soon!!! such a steal too!!!
  5. What a great sale! I just bought the Fred Diaper bag (even though I need another diaper bag like I need a hole in my head).
  6. Hooray, I got the punched noel maddox in black too and the grand street mandy.
  7. do I have to phone in the order? I cannot click on the item itself.
  8. Hi
    I bought the punched noel maddox in black as well, but I received it and it's completely open on top. I could have sworn it said zip closure on the site. I went back to look but now its gone. Is everyone elses open as well?
  9. I think the punched maddox is an open bag. Here is a picture from bluefly:

  10. I just got mine and it is open-top. And I do remember looking at it in the store last fall and there being a zipper?

    These REALLY must have been samples! Heh.

    That said, I did find that zipper annoying and difficult to use, so I am pleased. Hopefully my friend will like this.

    My favorite was the sloane street small rue, which I own, which has a magnetic tab closure. Wish that one had been on sale too.