Kate Spade Sample Sale


May 26, 2007
thank you- for some reason, the link they sent to my email doesn't work- I was about to have a fit since I couldn't get in!
lol the same thing happened to me. I got the e-mail in my inbox around 4 AM, but there was no link and nothing I clicked on would work! I knew TPF would come to the rescue though. :smile:

If nothing else, those are GREAT prices on the black Wellesley Samson and Wellesley Quinn. Very classic bags that hold up really well.
My friend got the Samson! She was so happy I sent her the link.

Does anyone have a shipping code?
"welcome2katespade" (1st time customer) has worked for me in the past when I purchased some make up bags for my mother, but my best friend tried to use it just now when she purchased the Samson and she said it did not work?

Thanks to the OP for posting the link since my e-mail was not working properly! :tup: My best friend was very happy purchasing one of her Xmas presents for herself. LMAO Really her husband should thank us no? hehe


Jan 17, 2007
I received an apology mail just now, and that was it!

The prices aren't good, so are the selections. I can get better deal shop their stuffs at Nordstrom.:tdown:


Dec 4, 2006
the bag will fit over the shoulder if your arm is really slender and you are not wearing anything thick...including a sweater; just a tshirt yes. This bag is really just a satchel