kate spade sample sale online

  1. Thank you for the link!
  2. Thanks for posting! But the bags aren't that nice IMO...
  3. thank you! - just bought a tote bag and some other things. x
  4. There's a cute ladybug coin purse I was considering but the shipping is $8 on a $29 item! Grrrr.
  5. I love kate spade, but I have a question-what are samples? Are they used?
  6. I know, I wanted to get some agenda refills, but $8 is wayyy to much for me. anyone know a shipping code?
  7. Thanks I got a ladybug coin pouch. It was 29+shipping+tax = 40... but it's way too cute to pass up :biggrin:
  8. Thanks... thinking if I should get the messenger bag... too much shopping this month...
  9. the selection is so so but the prices are awesome!

    must --- resist --- temptation....
  10. Just opened the e-mail and shot right over here to make sure someone had posted about it haha

    I didn't really see anything I had to have though but I do like the beacon rue and the fulham mally in coral is nice. I was looking forward to this but I was a little disappointed by the selection.
  11. I got the email this morning too. Ordered a few bags for me and my sister. Things are going fast so don't hesitate!
  12. free shipping code is welcome2katespade.

    Happy shopping!
  13. seems the ladybug is gone :sad:
  14. Waaah. Finally get the free shipping code and the ladybug is gone!!