Kate Spade sample sale now open: up to 75% off

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  1. Thank you! I'm having a *blah* day and this is just what I need... A 'purse-purchase-pick-me-up'
  2. Outlet still cheaper..................

  3. Wish I had one close by :o( Another downfall of living in hillbilly town :o(
  4. Does the katespade outlet carry the bags with the same quality?
  5. Hi!
    Does anyone know if there are additional promotion codes which you can apply for further discounts on the sample sale?
  6. THANK YOU! I've wanted a London Quinn for so long... and now I have one!
  7. Hi Kris, tks!
    Yah, it sucks that the codes don't work on the sample sale :sad:
  8. got a couple of keychain..
  9. it's cute, put it on your dresser to hide stuff you don't want out or put it on your desk

    or give it as a gift

    maybe put candy in it!
  10. thanks for making me feel better about it!
    apparently there are no returns or cancellations girls!
  11. i agree the outlet have better deals for the handbags
  12. But the outlets do not carry the same stuff as those available online...