Kate Spade sale

  1. thanks for sharing!
  2. GREAT price on the chocolate wellesley samson (which I just BOUGHT last week from the outlet at a more expensive price :crybaby: )
  3. Sorry that happened :sad: That's the downside to bargain shopping, there is always a better bargain.
  4. Hey AMYTUDE - where is the KS outlet? I didn't even know she HAD one...but I guess all the designers do now. Thanks!
  5. From Katespade.com

    sawgrass mills outlet
    1800 sawgrass mills circle, #2640, sunrise, fl 33323
    tel: 954.838.9268 fax: 954.838.9758
    m-sat: 10-9:30 sun: 11-8
    maria isabel olmos, asst manager

    aurora outlet
    1650 premium outlet blvd, suite 1157 aurora, il 60504
    tel: 630.236.2007 fax: 630.236.2163
    m-sat: 10-9 sun: 10-6
    tonya sitkowski, manager
    kristen jahn, asst manager

    central valley
    woodbury common outlets
    234 red apple court, central valley, ny 10917
    tel: 845.928.0864 fax: 845.928.0868
    m-wed 10-6, th-sun 10-9
    lisa george, manager
    diane d'andrea, asst manager

    san marcos outlet
    3939 IH-35 south, suite 1285, san marcos, texas 78666
    tel: 512.392.6710 fax: 512.392.6714
    m-sat: 10-9 sun: 10-7
    jenni nunns, asst. manager
  6. Amytude,
    how are you liking your samson? would u say it fits pretty well on the shoulder and material is nice? i cant decide between the samson or the wellesly tote one. =)
  7. Thanks for sharing! No wallets, oh well.
  8. OMG, I totally love my samson! At that price, it is well worth the $$$. It fits well on my shoulder, but I'm only 5' (short, but not "petite", a size 16). I don't live anywhere near the outlet, BTW--DH bought it as a gift & had them ship it here. They will even take pictures of items they have for you (at least the one in aurora).
  9. anyone know any free ship code?
  10. its ok Amy they dont have the brown on sale anyway only the white! :smile:

    im thinking i really like the wellesley gabry :smile: