Kate Spade Reveal

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  1. 1458339615505.jpg

    Anyone here?
  2. 1458339676833.jpg
  3. 1458339715434.jpg
  4. Ooh I wanna see!
  5. #5 Mar 18, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2016
    1458339752628.jpg 1458339760809.jpg 1458339768047.jpg

    My small ella! Deep indigo, which is like a purple shade. I put the flash on so you can see its color, and tried to take a picture of it in natural lighting.

    It's so buttery and soft I love it. The zipper in the back though is TOUGH to open and close. Not sure if that's normal or not... but I love this bag and I can't wait to use it!

    * edit *
    Date of purchase: 3/11
    Price: $208
    Discount: 25% Off
    Paid: $169.46 ($156 no tax)
    Shipped: 3/14
    Arrived: 3/18
    Packaging: Everything was wrapped, literally, all of the zippers and some of the hardware too

    Thank you kate spade
    And thank you ladies for letting me share!
  6. So cute!! :smile: I love it
  7. Thank you!

  8. LOVE this bag and the color! It's such a pretty color! I bought this bag and had to return it because it wasn't quite big enough for me everyday. It was a tough decision because it is a great bag. I hope I don't regret it lol! I love that the outside zipper pocket holds a phone. My zipper didn't stick so maybe try it a few times to see if you could loosen it up a bit. Enjoy!
  9. Thank you! And I'm sure you'll find an equally greater bag. It's always better to spend money on a bag you'll be able to use functionally in daily life than just based off aesthetics. I hope when you do find the perfect bag you'll share with us

    I'm gonna keep trying on the zipper, I love it too to keep my phone or keys in. Hopefully you're right! It just needs to be used more (zipper)
  10. what a cute bag! I love the color. I've heard some people use wax to make zippers pull smoother, but I've never done it.
  11. Really? On the zipper pull or the track? Ah, I'll look it up thank you so much!