Kate Spade Purple Ostritch "Maryanne"

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  1. Anybody seen the new Kate Spade Purple Ostritch Maryanne?.....I just bought it over the phone and they are holding it for me till I get to NY at the end of March.

    I just love bows on a bag!

    charm city ostritch maryanne at kate spade

    It also comes in a small clutch.
  2. I hadn't seen it before, but I have to say it's beautiful! I love Kate Spade!
  3. I think it's brand new. I got an e-mail from them and it was on the front page. When I saw it, I clicked on it.

    The SA told me that they just got it in and she said that everybody was standing around it oohing and aahing.

    It was a total impulse. I saw it and something clicked and I picked up the phone and called.....it's a bit "much" for me as red is about as wild as I get LOL, but I am so looking forward to it :smile: