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  1. I'm looking to purchase a Kate Spade organizer/planner, but I've noticed that most have yet to be marked down for 2006. When are they usually marked down for the current year--do I have to wait until December?

    The official Kate Spade site has some on sale, but they don't ship to Canada--argh!

    I want to pop into Holt Renfrew tomorrow, but I've been informed they do not sell the organizers--only handbags. Is anyone sure of this? I live in Ottawa, FYI, and I don't believe there is another place to purchase Kate Spade items.

    I've noticed both Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's sell the organizers online...I could always purchase from them. I'd just like a good price on them, since the 2006 inserts are half way useless.

    Also, I'd rather NOT purchase one off of eBay; I could get a marked down ks Nylon Pocket Organizer for $49.99 off an EBag site, but also would like something a little more special--such as the ks leather noel punched organizer.

    Here's a example of what I like (I prefer Kate Spade's organizers over Coach; the great thing about them is I can simply purchase refills every year):


    Also, should I go for the pocket (5.7" x 4.4") or personal sizes (7.5" x 4.5)?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I had a KS organizer from when they first came out. I think typically, you'll see organizers that are styled per season go on sale at the end of the season. I think they have some "classic" organizers that never really go on sale. The insert that you would have to change every year would just be the calendar, and it's a small expense if you snag an organizer that is on sale. You can also use other non-KS inserts as well.

    Oh, I had a personal sized organizer. I liked it because you can use it as a wallet as well.
  3. I have the pocket organizer in pink leather/cream interior and love it. Very functional and keeps me organized!
  4. I have a Kate Spade one that is chocolate brown on the outside and pink on the inside. I love it. I bought it 3 years ago, and it still looks brand new. I love the inserts because they're fun.

    Can you call around to Kate Spade stores & see if they'll ship it to Canada? I know that in Atlanta the Lenox Mall has a Kate Spade store. I didn't know that the organizers went on sale. I paid full price for mine.
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