Kate Spade Orchard Street

  1. I'm neither a fan of Kate Spade or shiny bags but something about this one caught my eye. Love both colors (green is my favorite color and I have great nail polish to match the other one). But the price is insane! $629 :wtf: What do you think?

  2. they are nice but that is pricey....
  3. Totally overpriced. BUT, you can usually get a lot of her stuff on sale after a while. Or check out the outlets!

  4. I too was shocked to find that I actually like a Kate Spade bag, they are just not me but they this green this year that I just love.

    Guess you can tell what one I like of the bags you posted.

    The price does seem high.
  5. Yeah, I'm hoping if I wait it out I can snag a sale. That price just seems crazy to me! But yeah, green is my favorite color so I'm particularly fond of that one too!