Kate Spade Online Sample Sale- Up to 70% off!

  1. Kate Spade is having an online sample sale from November 14-17 and the inventory is limited so act quickly!!
    All you have to do is sign up and you can start shopping!
    Happy Shopping everyone :yes:
  2. Wow...thanks for posting!!!!! Nothing there for me though...ah well...money saved!
  3. i just signed up and it told me the trunk show has ended:confused1:
  4. It's not over - Google - Kate Spade Sample Sale and you'll get there
  5. Yep, I got an e-mail from them too! I think I want the nylon claire. :smile:
  6. They just sent me an e-mail saying that they have reduced prices again, just for today.
  7. WHAT! I just bought some stuff the other day. Ugh!
  8. Thanks for the tip but there is nothing that I just have to have. Whew!
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Thanks for posting!
  11. Looks like a safe bet that they wouldn't ship to Canada. Sigh.
  12. okay that's sorta crappy for us that paid more for our items....mine went from 78 to 43 but i wouldn't have got the color I got because the color is sold out...but still that is not fair. I think I will email them and ask.
  13. Didn't see nothing...only one wallet! :sad:
  14. So my Mozilla Firefox browser wouldn't let me log in at work but I tried when I got home tonight and got through! Yay!

    So I bought that cute $50 raincoat at the 11th hour. Its kind of kitschy but sometimes I like a little kitsch. :P
  15. Gah I just registered.. am eagerly awaiting a password of some sort?