Kate Spade Online Refund Experiences

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  1. So I have recently purchased a bag from Kate Spade and found out that the size of the bag was too huge on me. I decided to call customer service and one of Kate Spade`s representative helped me reroute my package back to their Kate Spade warehouse. The package never came to my house. It has just arrived yesterday at Kate Spade`s warehouse and the customer service rep said that refunds can take up to 5-10 business days. However I have heard of people not even getting a refund for a whole month and I am kind of worried now.

    Has anyone on here experienced online refunds with Kate Spade?
  2. Officially, they say it takes up to 14 days but I usually get mine in a week (I return about 2-3 times a year).
  3. I recently sent back an item to be returned (they sent me the wrong item) and I would say it was within a week I got my refund.