Kate Spade lovers...I have a Q

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  1. I was up at the Kate Spade outlet today (I was in need of retail therapy) and doing a return at another store....anyway...I bought the cutest little tote on sale - it's the dot noel....sort of boxy and absolutely adorable. Because of the fabric, do you think this is simply a summer type of bag? It has black handles etc. I am in love with this bag!
  2. What color(s) are the bag?

    If I remember correctly the dot noel fabric/pattern was used in a lot of different bags and done in lots of different colors... Some were more geared towards fall and some more towards spring...
  3. Black dot noel. It's like a black and grey pattern.
  4. I think you could wear it year-round!
  5. I think it'd be fine year round too.

    But I tend to stay away from black bags during the summer, but that's just a personal thing.
  6. I personally like black bags for the fall and winter and like to stick to the bright bags during the spring and summer. Here in NE everything gets so dirty in the winter so black is the way to go.
  7. The dot noel line is a year round print, IMO. I have a dot noel diaper bag in brown and I love it! :tup:
  8. mmmmmm....it should be fine all year round...! i love ks!