Kate Spade/Jack Spade promotional codes & sales *NO QUESTIONS/COMMENTS*


Jul 31, 2009
hey designerdesire, i'm not in australia so im not sure when/how am i going to call them, but do you think if i email them, they would grant me offers like yours? so the 15% off def works for sale items? and what is the minimum purchase to get free shipping? the last time i ordered from the sample sale was my first ever order from KS so i'm still a bit loss :P

Jan 27, 2007
West Hollywood, CA
My understanding is that it's 15% off your first order, period. There are no exclusions I saw listed.

I don't know if you e-mail if it will still work. The Sample Sale is still available though, so I suggest e-mailing with your item number (as that's how they located mine) and going from there.
Aug 31, 2010
Anyone have katespade.com coupon code I can use? I know signing up for the newsletter gets you 15% off first purchase. But I was wondering if anyone have anything better...maybe 25% off? Thanks!!
Oct 16, 2007
New York, New York
You can always call a store and ask..the NYC store readily told me that the sale was this past weekend.

One big gripe - I ordered online, then went to the store to get a gift I needed asap. The SA rang me up and didn't discount for F&F. I asked her if my total included the F&F discount and she said that since it was a private sale, you specifically had to tell the SA at the cash register that you wanted the discount. I wonder how many people missed out..usually stores just give you the discount!
Jan 27, 2007
West Hollywood, CA
Wanted to pick up a few things from the Jack Spade sale on Gilt Men but a lot of the stuff sold out!

Lo and behold, Jack Spade has a bunch of items at what looks like up to 80% off.

I actually scored a wallet on Gilt for $38 for $15 - 15% on JS.com

A lot of the best deals say to "call the retail store" to purchase, but the SA let me know that anything out of stock online says that - nothing I asked for was actually available in store.

Shipping kinda sucks, but $200+ is free.

Not sure this is an actual sale event but it's a great way to pick up some simple, stylish goodies for the boys :biggrin:
Jul 17, 2008
katespade.com has an extra 25% off sale merchandise - code CYBER25. They are also offering free shipping. This is online only.