Kate Spade in Boarskin - Thing of the Past?

  1. I have a Kate Spade from years past, great condition, classic and the boarskin was very durable. Was looking at a couple of the these threads on Kate Spade and started looking for those bags. On the Kate Spade site, I noticed it saying Italian Leather. You can see the difference when you zoom in. Do they no longer use boarskin? :confused1:
  2. I don't think she does. so much has changed now that she is no longer in control. I know she does design the bags but only for a tad bit longer. When she started selling off the company she let something go.
  3. Wow, thanks. That's too bad, I thought her style was adorable, even bought her style book. The bags were so simple and classic. I fear they will now become overpriced and garish. :hrmm:
  4. And it has in my opinion. I haven't seen anything of hers that I have liked in a while. Her simplistic elegance has definitely dwindled.
  5. KS still uses embossed boarskin on the Wellesley line, I believe.