Kate Spade Georgia

  1. I have a pair of Kate Spade Georgia (the suede 4" heel peep-toes) and I have trouble wearing them with nylons (pantyhose, tights, whatever). They keep sliding off!! They are my size. I wear a 9-9.5, they are size 9. I already put those toe pads inside, but now the fronts of the shoes feel good, but the backs keep falling off!!! It's so annoying! Any ideas on what I can put there to help the shoes stay on?
  2. I understand your frustration with this - I hate nylons and I have always hated wearing them with heels and hardly ever do anymore! There are also little pads that you can put in the heel of the shoe that help!
  3. It's not the size of the shoes, right? There is a little gap between the heel and the leg, and the feet slide forward, making it bigger. They were perfect without the nylons, it didn't even occur to me to try a smaller size (i never ever owned anything in 8.5 anyway).

    I'll go look for the pads. I hope they'll help. Otherwise, it's such a torture. :tdown: