Kate Spade friends and family sale 20 percent off!!!!!

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  1. Just a FYI: when you put in the code, only put in "summer07". I must have tried 4x before I figured it out. Thanks for the link foxi!!
  2. Thanks Foxi

    Is it only on Sale items?
  3. oops - edit
  4. Thank you.
  5. For anyone looking for free shipping code, welcome2katespade works.
  6. Unfortunately, you can't use both codes.
  7. Does anyone have the link to the actual coupon?
  8. I used both codes and got free ship and 20% off. You just have to sign up a new e-mail address.
  9. It wouldn't let me do that this morning! Putting in one code removed the other. Oh well, what I was looking at is gone now anyway ...
  10. I hate that this is only for on sale items, there is a new bag I want.