Kate Spade Foster's Crossing Collection

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  1. I never really like Kate Spade, but they had some items on sale so I peeked in the store. And then I picked up the big wynn bag in blue (see my avatar) at a dirt cheap price. For some reason, I didn't love-love-love it at the store, but I got it because I couldn't resist the price. It still looks too formal when you look at it, but I love it now because the compartments are so practical and it feels so sturdy and I don't really know (Hard to explain sorry!). I just love it now.

    Anyway, I did see the new bags and I have to say I love-love-love :love: the new Foster's crossing collection. The minute I saw these two bags, the hobo in camel/natural (black in the photo) and the shoulder bag/tote in black (white in the photo). The were gorgeous. The spaghetti straps look weird in the photos but IRL they are beautiful!

    What do you think?

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  2. I like the camel/black one. You can't go wrong with that color and the detailing looks nice! I have to see this in person! All I've seen lately are the wicker/straw ones and the black nylons. If you love it, get it!

    P.S. I like the Wynn!
  3. I really like the blue bag you got! The other two arent really my taste, but theyre pretty.
  4. Thanks abandonedimages! Thanks too Kathyrose, but I don't know if I can justify another bag purchase.... aaargh. But do let me know your thoughts when you've seen it IRL as well.
  5. ^^ I will. I don't like most of the stuff kate spade has right now but that works well for me cause I can't keep having her make bags I like.....I'd run out of $$$ really fast!
  6. The Wynn is gorgeous! The blue reminds me of the EPI Speedy that I used to own. Anyway, I know a lot of people don't like Kate Spade, but think that some of the leather handbags are really great and durable. The Foster's Crossing collection looks really cute.