Kate Spade Foster Crossing "flat serena"

  1. Nordies has this in red on clearance and I am tempted to get it....I was going to buy a BMakowski one that has an adjustable strap but this is beckoning me...

  2. Nice burst of color while remaining subdued, great choice!
  3. I love the color on the Kate Spade. My only concern is that the strap looks too short to be a shoulder bag. I could be wrong though.
  4. Seems like this photo was taken with the bag very full, but IRL it could be a little slouchier? I dunno, if it wasn't Kate Spade I wouldn't think it was all that. Even knowing that it's a Kate Spade I'm still not 100% loving it.
  5. I don't know if I am either frankly. I am so fleeting with my love.

    The BMakowsky I love Im not sure I want to buy. What I actually WANT bagwise and what I feel is safe to carry at work are so friggin different...
  6. What do you want? And why do you feel unsafe to carry it at work?

    I'm sure we can help you find something you love...
  7. Thanks! I don't know really what to do...the reason I need something that I can conceal is bec I work in a part of St. Louis where muggings, purse snatchings and attacks are very common and now that we have yet another stupid casino down here, it's even MORE common.

    So while I don't particularly WANT something that will be easily worn and concealed under my coat, that's kind of what I NEED. The problem is I want something pretty big but flat...does that make sense? I LOVE the Balenciaga Twiggy and I think it's the City? bag, but those are beyond out of price range--I can't afford above $400.

    The bag I like from B. Makowsky is the "West Broadway Crossbody" since it's an adjustable crossbody and I can wear it long or right under my armpit and it is big enough for my daily stuff but not a magazine since this will also be used as an airplane carryon... ($128 I think). I can't seem to get the pics to post...

    I also debated getting the COACH ERGO BELTED LEATHER MAGAZINE TOTE, $400 because I can still carry my usual and have a magazine fit inside too. But again, not totally sold.

    BUT what I really want is a MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Turnlock Posh JJ' Satchel or the Carolina Herrera version of that (Ive been lusting after that for several months)...it's just not practical for my work situation and Im not someone who will change bags from day to day...I use it til it either falls apart or I get so sick of it I get rid of it.

    I was planning to buy the bag in either a cognac leather or a red leather--definitely want leather.

    I debated doing the swingpack for during the week and tossing that into my regular purse for weekend but again...that's not something I will actually DO.
  8. I have this bag but the older Serena that is larger--not flat--and it is sooo comfortable and holds a lot. I didn't care for this one as much because it doesn't stand on its own and doesn't seem to hold as much.

    The pebbled leather is really pretty, though, and this is a nice shade of red that is pretty without being too overt.. Good luck!
  9. I know this is no laughing matter but this reminded me of the SATC episode where Carrie gets mugged for her shoes. :push: I'm sorry you're limited by concerns of safety. I think a crossbody would be great, easier to walk with (you don't have to worry about straps falling down, etc) and more secure. How about Hayden Harnett Barnard? It's $325.
  10. Its cute but not my style. Hell I dunno what my style is. lol!

    LOL That episode...Yea Im really frustrated about this requirement. Id go back to my dooney but that's just a magnet for negative attention down there.