Kate Spade Flatiron - look familiar??

  1. Not only did Kate Spade TOTALLY rip off the GD Charlotte bag when designing her new line of microfiber totes, but she also named the line after my favorite building in NYC :mad: The Flatiron building is a unique piece of architectural artwork...there's nothing unique about these Kate Spades!

    Check out katespade.com for more variations upon the GD theme.
  2. They actually remind me of the puffy nylon line she has a while back. It had the side ties. I have the gerard and another one in black but I can't remember the name.

  3. I think it looks like that to.
  4. everybody is ripping off GD charlotte. Marc Jacobs, Devi Kroelle to name a few.
  5. not to be a pain in the rear, but there's a Flatiron building in Atlanta of the same shape that i believe came first...
  6. There are similarities, yes.
  7. The black bag does look quite a bit like the Charlotte. I suppose when other top designers "borrow" designs from others its alright to some. I think its a double standard b/c when lesser know brands do the same thing, its looked at as tasteless. :unsure:
  8. It looks like a cat, somehow...
  9. Kate Spade..the bag is very unoriginal and Kate Spades do not have a quality look in my opinion
  10. Touche, Amanda, I stand corrected :P Love your dog BTW, so cute!
  11. lol, I immediately thought "whiskers. . ."

  12. I agree...Anyone remeber that "sam " bag craze about 5 yrs ago ?? I don't know what so spcial about that
  13. I actually first started out with Kate Spades in high school. My mom was begging me to carry a purse (because I kept putting my stuff in hers lol) but I wanted a backpack. So I got the little microfiber backpack in an icy blue color. Then for my birthday the next year, she got me the microfiber black shoulder bag and matching wallet and I can't remember the name..it was Claire or something. After that, my next bag was a black microfiber Sam. I'll always treasure them because they were my first bags :heart:
  14. I like some of her stuff, not all. She does make some weird designs every so often. I like her classic nylon line in different colors. I see it in black all the time at the store. I like her evening bags too.
  15. Well they look quite boring. Hmhph.