Kate spade experts....could you authenticate.

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  1. I've bought a couple of kate spade bags in the past but never got round to using. Before I find a new mummy, can you let me know if this bag is authentic or not. And what the style is called. Thanks for any help you can give. Cheers.

  2. Does the tag say Camilla?
  3. Yes it does.
  4. I think this is called La Jolla Camilla.
  5. Yes, it is. Are you going to list it on eBay? It's a beautiful bag! Good luck!
  6. Notice the signature on bottom of bag, The letters are not evenly spaced ...the K and a are too close together and look at Spade, the letters are far apart.

    The inside signature leather is off also, the bottom left and right bottom corners are shaped differently.
  7. I see what your saying, however I've looked on this site, and noticed that some of the tags listed as genuine are like this also....

  8. You noticed letters unevenly spaced? Well...alrighty then.
  9. this is real. it's a La Jolla Camilla. Not widely faked and the label is real.