Kate Spade Exclusive 3 day sale

  1. I just saw this in my email and rushed here to make sure everyone knew, but you guys are seriously fast! There are some nice deals in here, but I keep hoping for another sample sale like they did in late spring. My poor husband almost had a heart attack over that, I bought so much stuff.
  2. does anyone own one of their cosmetic cases, either the large colin, large manuela or small manuela?

    i'm looking at the measurements and thinking the large would be too large but the small seems kind of small!?

    i want something that i can take with me on travel and fit the essentials (basic skincare stuff + some makeup), but not oversized that it will take up too much space in my medium sized suitcase.

    any idea which one would suit my needs the most?

    thank you!
  3. the large colin and large manuellas are really big. they are the approximate size of 8x11. the colin is deeper. They can fit all your brushes, make up, skin care, EVERYTHING!!! if i were to need something to hold my basic stuff...depending if its alot i would go for the heddys...the large would be ideal for more stuff...the medium is a good size for basic basic skin care needs in travel size. You can actually call the store for them to give you the exact measurements of the products. I work there so i know we keep a bible. ;)
  4. I guess everyone is on it now. The site is going very slowww
  5. I'm considering the makeup bags as well, very cute :tup:

    Thanks for posting :heart:
  6. thank you~ you're so helpful! :smile: since i live overseas it's hard for me to call and i don't think we have a Kate Spade store in town...so your insights really helps!

    thanks again~
  7. the sales items look great... im eyeing the white hudson street francis :nuts:

    But i live overseas, dont think that kate spade ships overseas... or do they?

    any advice?:p