Kate Spade embroidered straw totes - pics

  1. These are cute for summer don't you think? The price is right too. $195.
    They have a seersucker lining and leather handles. What a cute summer bag!
  2. Kat ~ I Agree These Are Adorable! Kate Spade Always Makes The Cuted Straw Totes For THe Summer!!!
  3. I'm strangely attracted to those too! I just don't go to the beach enough to justify a large straw tote like that!
  4. Pretty and very summery - makes me want to rush to the nearest beach! Eh, make that the nearest travel agency, the weather is not quite with me on this...
  5. Oh, I like the orange!
  6. I really like these! I also like the smaller basket bags that Kate Spade made (like the clutch- the sienna?).

  7. I saw the tote this weekend at a local Kate Spade store....very cute! Unfortunately, I am glued to my office and can't justify a large straw bag purchase. Are you going to get it? It comes in various colors (the embroidery).
  8. I don't know if I'm going to get it, SuLi. Since I started riding a motorcycle last year I seem to spend most of the summer doing that. I only went to the pool a couple of times and didn't go to the beach at all. I don't know if I'd get too much use out of it. I really like it though. :P
  9. they are sooo pretty!! great summer bags!!
  10. Those are very nice!