Kate Spade Coin Purse - $19

  1. Neiman Marcus has a Kate Spade Broome Street Leather Coin purse selling for $19:
    Neiman Marcus Online *-*kate spade*-*broome street leather coin purse

    There is not noted as a "sale" price but I don't know that I have ever seen a Kate Spade leather item retailing for less than $50 (and that low is usually a cell phone strap). I couldn't find anywhere else selling this exact item but even Kate Spade's non-leather coin purses were going for about $100 elsewhere. In any case, thought I would share since this would be great to stock up on for friends' holiday gifts, birthday gifts, thank you gifts etc.
  2. That is definitely on sale. I bought two of those earlier before. Retail was either $45 or $55.
  3. I think that's cheap too, I got one, thanks for sharing.
  4. All gone.
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