Kate Spade China Anyone??

  1. It seems as though alot of us are designer everything junkies....

    Who all owns Kate Spade China (Lenox).

    I am in absolute love with this .. and slowly but surely my boyfriend and I are buying it for our new house.

    If you have it and use it do you use it for regular use or just special occasion and what are your comments on it???
  2. I don't have Kate Spade china, but I do have a Fendi sofa and chair!!!! My husband thinks I am ridiculous, but I loved the furniture, and it was even better once I found out it was Fendi!
  3. Haha we could be best friends! I have to be honest sometimes I just like things because they are what they are.

    I might start powerwashing the floors (of the waterpark I work at) shortly here and am definitely thinking about some Coach water boots... I dont know anyone who needs them... and I probably dont need Coach ones to boot, but seriously isnt it fun just having some designer goodies!

    Where in the world would I go about taking a peek at what a Fendi couch looks like ??? We are building this summer (hopefully) and will not be bringing anything "old" into this house.. all new furniture!
  4. I will try to take a picture and send it to you...it is beautiful!!! Big cushy chocolate brown suede with crocodile pressed leather sofa cushions....the cushions are perforated (like the new LV) on the bottom, and say Fendi (barely noticeable). If you lift up the cushions the lining is the double F Fendi logo, and it has a silver plaque on one end of the sofa with the Fendil logo! It is SO.....nice....I love that furniture!
    I say go for the Coach boots, as it would be almost unthinkable to clean the waterpark in anything less!!!!!