Kate Spade Bow Rosa Bag opinions please!


Dec 21, 2007
Los Angeles
I was in Nordys and totally fell in love with the bright pink Kate Spade rosa bow bag


and cannot stop thinking about it! What is everyones opinion on it? It also comes in black with black ribbon and gray with black ribbon, but I feel the pink really makes it special. However, is this a bag that i'll be too old to use after a certain age (im 27 now)??
Mar 7, 2008
Nice bag and I like it in the pink! I don't think it's a bag that would be considered age inappropriate at a certain age, I think that all depends on your style. The bow isn't a cutesy type bow but more of a modern bow. The shape of the bag is classic so I think the pink looks nice on it, if it weren't a classic shape it may look like too much. I'm 27 too btw. I think if you really like the bag and can see yourself using it and it compliments your wardrobe/style I say go for it. Chances are (if you're anything like me) by the time you would deem the bag age inappropriate it'll be worn out from use or your choice in style will have changed. It's a pretty bag, is it on sale? I'd wait for a sale - you can find sales on KS bags frequently.