Kate Spade "Bilbao Rudy"-Real or fake?

  1. I just bought a Kate Spade "Bilbao Rudy" from a highly regarded eBay seller who has been great to deal with. My concern is this: I purchased this "Bilbao Rudy" thinking it was a Bilbao Quinn. I can't find a Bilbao Rudy online w/ major retailers or on Katespade.com. There R a couple of posts on Google re: this bag but that's it. Does anyone happen know if this style of bag really exists? It looks authentic. All logos & KS tags appear correct. I'm usually good at spotting fake KS, but in this case I'm just not sure because the line is fairly new & because I can't find much to compare it to. I'm confused as to why this bag isn't online at Neiman's, Kate Spade, Nordstroms, etc. Any info you all might have about whether or not there is really such a bag as the Bilbao Rudy is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum :flowers: can you post some pictures of the purse? That will help us determine. You can also check out ihatecounterfeitbags.info. Not easily searched, but you may be able to find the bag to compare to yours there.
  3. Hi there,
    First off, I just want to say thank you so much for your response. I've posted this question both on eBay's designer handbag forum as well as here and so far I haven't heard much at all until you were kind enough to post. I could post a picture but honestly, I can tell by looking at the bag that there's nothing at all that makes it look like a fake. My concern was that I could find very, very little online about a KS Bilbao Rudy so I wondered if the Rudy was a real KS Bilbao style. (It looks just like the Quinn only larger.) There are a couple brief articles about it online and that's it. It didn't show up on any websites like Neiman's, Nordstroms or KateSpade.com. (Also, I just want to say again that the seller has an absolutely stellar feedback score and has also truly been a pleasure to buy from. I'm sure that she would NEVER purposely sell a fake bag. I believe that all of her bags are authentic. Just want to get that on the record because I'd never want her or anyone else to think that I don't trust her sales ethics.) Anyway, after all of this I was finally able to find a cached version of the KS website which listed the Bilbao Rudy on it:
    So, after all of that, I now feel confident that there's really a legitimate KS Bilbao style. I'm still totally open to feedback from anyone about whether or not they've ever seen the Bilbao Rudy and if so, where because it's not selling anywhere online right now other than eBay. Thanks again for your response. I really appreciate it!