Kate Spade Barbie

  1. How sweet is this?!?! Condition: Collectible
    Barbie® doll is dressed in an outfit that reflects Kate's personal style. The doll wears a floral print coat with three-quarter length sleeves, belted at the waist. Beneath the coat is an ivory knit sweater and green shantung cigarette pants. A faux wicker handbag with golden detail is reminiscent of Kate's handbag designs, specifically the "Venice Basket." Barbie® also carries a "canvas" tote trimmed with faux green leather. The dog perched at the edge of the bag is modeled after Kate's friendly and loyal dog. Barbie® wears many striking accessories including bold beaded necklace and earring set with faux turquoise accents, oversized sunglasses, and green high-heel sandals.
  2. Cute. I collect vintage dolls, including Barbie. I was actually thinking of starting a collection of all the Barbie that have been done by designers. I know that Donna Karan did one some years back.
    The little handbags are cute.
  3. That is SOOO cute!! Too bad I am not a Kate Spade fan! It is adorable though! Where does one get it? I'm sure not just any Target or Walmart
  4. Wow, I was thinking the same thing ^^ The handbags are darling!
  5. I SO want that but mainly because I have a Westie.
  6. That is cute. I've only seen the Juicy Couture Barbie. I don't collect Barbies myself, but I love the Juicy Couture collection so much, I had to get it for my lil' girl cousin :shame:
  7. Whoa, that Barbie is definitely sporting kate spade from the bag to the sunglasses! How cute!!!
  8. It's cute! I know Benetton did a Barbie collection in th early '90's just when they were starting to fall out of favor, and I think Bob Mackie has done a ton too. Here's some more; the first is Carolina Herrera for $140 and the second is Anna Sui for $160, both available at Fao Scwarz.
    caro.jpg sui.jpg
  9. I collect Barbies and I was looking at that one too! I like the dog.
  10. You're right. Bob Mackie has done several. I have one of his Barbies. It is absolutely beautiful!
  11. thats so cutre reminds me as a kid when my parents would kill themselves to track down the holiday barbies when they first came out
  12. She definitely has kate spade written over her! :amuse:
  13. wow, that is cute.. haven't seen it at the stores yet but gosh, those r so cool...