Kate Spade banned me for nothing

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  1. Months ago when KS had a sale, my cousin wanted a bag from KS and asked me to help her place an order. She used a shipping service in Portland and have them ship the stuff to her in Singapore. So i tried to place the order and have the bag ship to the address she gave me.

    Well who knows KS is so stuck up that they do not allow their merchandise to be shipped internationally, and that address my cousin gave me was flagged in their system as a "concierge service". They wouldn't let the order go through so my cousin ended up not getting the bag. They state on their site that they do not ship internationally, but no where does it say that i can't ship a KS item outside of US.

    Fast forward till this week, i want to order a dress from their sample sale online but i wasn't able to submit my order. i tried all different credit cards and none would go through. Called up KS CS, was transferred between different departments, nobody knows what's going on. Finally got to speak to a manager and she contacted their credit card services dept to find out what's going on.

    Turns out because i tried to use a concierge service in the past, they have flagged all my information (CC, address, phone, emails) as fraud and banned me from placing an order online. Even though i clearly have my shipping and billing address as my home address, with an apartment number! The manager said they couldn't lift the ban because i could use my shipping address and still have the item shipped to a concierge service and export it. Therefore i am no longer able to place shop on katespade.com in the future, but i can purchase the item from a store if they have it. WTF???

    i mean i'd understand if they were afraid of me reselling the dress, but i was only buying ONE item. How much profit do they think i will make from it?

    OMG KS, seriously who do you think you are? i wouldn't even be buying from KS if it wasn't for the sale. $80 is still quite a lot for a dress. i will most definitely be using my money for something way better and KS will NOT be getting a penny from me ever again. What a bunch of snots.

    And the sucky part is, i got banned from trying to do someone a favor.
  2. I am sorry you are having this trouble. Doesn't seem like they prohibit others from shipping overseas. How much was "the stuff" you ordered? Just curious.
  3. My cousin only wanted to order 2 bags last time, and this sale I just wanted one dress which was marked down to $75. It wasn't like I was ordering a boatload of stuff at all.

    I'm just appalled at the way they treat customers who truly want to spend money there.
  4. It sucks but retailers have to protect themselves from possible fraud, even though this wasn't the case with you. It has nothing to do with them being "stuck up." It is about their security and risk management.
  5. If you were using your credit card to order for your relative, why didn't you just put your address and then forward the bag onto her yourself?

    I don't think it has to do with them being stuck up and not wanting to have their goods outside the US, but they don't want to be responsible for shipping to a forwarder, who sends it on to who knows where, it gets lost and they get a chargeback. Or it is going overseas to be resold.

    Nothing you can do since they can sell to whoever they want/don't want.
  6. My cousin buys a bunch of stuff from different online stores (that she cannot find in Singapore) and gets her shipper to ship it to her all at once, it's more cost effective for her.

    But in my case i'm trying to order a dress for MYSELF that is being shipped to MY home address, not a shipper. If they don't allow items to be shipped outside of US, then they should clearly state that on their site. All they said was that they don't ship internationally. My case has nothing to do with shipping the item out of US.
  7. i actually don't see anything wrong with OP doing this, or her cousin.

    there are a lot of people who use proxy services for different reasons (e.g. its not available in that country to begin with like OP or because the price difference is really extreme..like 2xs)

    but either way kate spade gets their money and the consumer gets their products.

    i actually know of resellers that buy in the store; it makes much more sense to do so (cos 99% of the time they can't guarantee to offer free shipping--i know with the last KS sample sale they offered 5$ and let's face it, if you're a reseller you're trying to squeeze every penny you can so the profit margin is bigger)

    plus resellers buy in larger quantities (professional ones anyways) and to ship that all..would endanger the chance of receiving what you ordered. so its better to buy in the store and to be able to inspect it there--rather then to order and chance that the fedex/post office "loses" it and then you'd have to go through the merchant and when stuff comes missing merchants will look..versus buying in the store a huge purchase here and there wouldn't necessarily flag (shopping sprees are prone to happen!)

    all in all the purchases that were being made, indicates nothing of a reseller, other then usage of proxy service.

    which i don't understand why. i use them myself when there are brands i cannot get because they don't sell online/ship internationally and even in a metro city its not available...............so i'm left with proxying
  8. OP, why don't you call a store and see if they can locate the dress for you? Will that work?
  9. the problem is that it was a 'secret' sample sale and so the price is much lower then what the stores would sell for if its still there

    maybe the manger would understand and help price adjust but

    so much trouble

    not to mention being banned because of 2 items, based on address location.

    i suppose if OP helped her sister buy regularly from KS that would be understandable
  10. At this point i'm so turned off by the way they do business, i don't even want the dress anymore. There are always better dresses out there. i won't even shop there again, not even at their B&M store. This was more of a vent post for me, and to alert people of KS' hidden policies.
  11. Actually this is not true, the manager did tell me that they do not want their goods to be shipped outside of US.
  12. The logic does hold up. You did try to use a concierge service, which is against their policy, and you could try to channel goods that way in the future, which is against their policy. Now, obviously they don't know you personally and don't know that you may be a regular customer buying for your own use, but they do have to discriminate potentially problematic sales from those that are not. That is their right as a private company, and you have the right as a consumer to not like those terms and to take your dollars elsewhere. That's about the whole story.
  13. Hopefully someone there is able to lift the ban.

  14. I have to agree. I don't think you can blame them as it is probably no different than many sellers on ebay/bonz refusing to ship internationally. They block certain buyers who tries to bend the rules. You can try to have them remove you from the blocked list but it IS up to them.
  15. oops, hope you good luck later :P