Kate Spade Bags at Costco

  1. nice, haven't seen that yet! thanks!
  2. WOW!!! They have bunches: Carlos Falchi, Furla, Burberry, Ferragamo, Michael Kors, D&G, Betsey Johnson, My Flat in London, Tumi, Perlina, Ugg and more!!! Who knew??!!:amazed:
  3. I would have never thought of finding designer bags in Costco.
  4. :yes: Hey - I don't care WHERE I get em, as long as I get em....And oh, without paying retail, of course.
  5. Yeah Costco have a few nice things and their prices are good.
  6. I TOTALLY agree! :smile:
  7. LOL and AUTHENTIC of course! :cutesy:
  8. this is questionnable. Someone reported getting a fake Spy bag from Costco (yes, they carried Fendi Spys last year, who knew?).
  9. wow no way. A few months ago, I saw Coach and Von Dutch and costco.
  10. I've only been to Costco once, so I am not sure what all they do have there. But buying real designer bags there seems odd to me.
  11. I thought Costco was in on the Sam's club thing about occasionally selling knockoff bags as real? I could DEFINITELY be wrong, just throwing that out there. I know I heard that one time that it was being debated? Any thoughts?
    I know even Target had some fake Coach bags recently. Sam's had fake Prada, Fendi, and others.
  12. Costco is pretty good about selling authentic bags. I would assume its because they don't try to get the trendiest or most expensive stuff; they get surplus or more "generic" bags/products of each brand but the bags are always authentic. This is just speculation on my part but I've always had only positive experiences with my Costco.
  13. I heard that they did sell fakes and you have to be careful. I don't know if I am confusing this with Sam's but I heard that they sold a fake bbag! Although, if you do your research and it ends up being fake I heard they were great about returns!
  14. I have only heard about Sam's Club selling fakes and not Costco. I was in Costco this weekend and took a look at a MJ in store (Venetia in Red) and it looked authentic. They do have a great return policy at any rate