Kate Spade Bag - help me find it please!!!

  1. Ladies I'm obsessed - I saw the most perfect bag today and the girl said it was Kate Spade - it was black patent leather and sort of looked like this one, below.

    I really, really need this bag!

  2. What about the bag was similar? The shape? The polka dots? I have seen lots of Kate Spade canvas bags like that but the patent leather sounds really interesting.

    Just out of curiosity, is the pic that you posted of the breast pump transporter bag? They sure look a lot alike.

    Kate Spade Larabee Noel Elissa Pump Case at Purseuing
  3. The picture I posted is of a laptop bag - the bag's shape was similar - the one I saw was a black patent leather bag. It was so cute!
  4. Have you tried calling a Kate Spade store? They are usually pretty helpful.
  5. I called Kate Spade and the salesgirl is double checking but she thinks the bag is 3 years old - it didn't look it and the girl wearing the bag was wearing Louboutin flats from this season, so I thought it was more recent.

    I've never asked someone what their bag is - so you can imagine how in love with it I must be!