Kate Spade....any fans out there?

  1. Love Kate Spade! I have 10 bags from her. My favorites are the five points Camille and the Quinn. I love them! I'm hoping they bring the Camille back in the fall!
  2. Thank you...am tempted to buy both but alas my budget only allow for one addition to the closet..:smile: I think I'll go with the black..
  3. This morning I saw the Bond Street Florence in the Neon Orange on the KS website go on sale for $ 224 from $ 448 and now I don't see it anymore.

    Is it possible it sold out that quick? :shrugs:
  4. that bag has been on sale on the KS website for a few months now, so if it went quickly it meant that there was extremely limited inventory. keep checking back, they usually pop up again.
  5. That is strictly a gorgeous pink purse ! You definitely scored !!
  6. I bought the Irving Place Little Nadine in Pink Sapphire for $ 199! I have been eyeing that bag for awhile now.
  7. Just got the purple Blackberry case and love it. Nice leather, leather lined in a highly contrasting red (purple is my favorite color and red is second favorite). I think it's a great buy at $25.
  8. Two years later and I finally got the Kate Spade Amelia lol that's sad.
  9. Not a big fan. Almost bought a messenger bag but changed my mind after reading a bad review .
  10. I have the Essex Scout bag that i got from the private sale in May for less than half the original price! I agree that the brand seems to be more popular in Asia than in the US though they just have opened a store near me. I have no complaints about the smooth leather and the stitching is very good quality and durable!
  11. Love the color on that scout!
  12. I love Kate Spade and have two bags and one wallet. My sister has a whole closet of Kate Spade purses and wallets.

    As much as I love the brand, I am really upset that they started making factory styles to accommodate shoppers with less budgets. The factory styles is ABSOLUTELY nothing near the original Kate Spade. Now I have moved onto Rebecca Minkoff :smile:
  13. I actually really like the "made for outlet" line -- i love the wellesley line, and most of the stuff from that line is MFF.