Kate Spade Amanda evening bag

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  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know what sizes these came in? I know there's one that's about 9 inches long by about 6 inches high, and then there's the tiny mini that only has one gold ring handle.

    Was there an in-between size?

    Thanks. :flowers:
  2. I can check for you this weekend. I have the large satin amanda and I have another that seems smaller but I never put them side by side to know for sure.
  3. Thanks so much, I'd really appreciate it!
  4. As long as you don't mind waiting til Saturday or so. I just never compared them side by side cause the large one is at BF's and I have the smaller one (at least I think!) here at my apartment.
  5. Okay, the large one.....at the bottom of the bag is 11 inches. When measuring the bag across it's about 10 inches. The smaller one I have is the size you specified in your post. I will double check this in a few hours as I get home.
  6. The large one is 11 inches at the bottom and the smaller one I have is 9 inches. The tag on the large one says large amanda while the smaller one just says amanda. Both I have has 2 ring handles. I hope this helps!
  7. Kathy, you are a star! Thank you so much for going to the trouble, I really appreciate it. :smile:
  8. No prob! :yes:
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