Kate Somerville Users?

  1. Anyone using/used Kate Somerville products? I just ordered some of her "best sellers" and was wondering if anyone can provide feedback.

    I'm looking to try new moisturizers and thought something outside of the dept store brands might be different.

  2. I just got "Kate in A Jar" $85.00 and honestly I don't love it. It got rave reviews on Makeup Alley but I just didn't find for the money it was anything amazing.
    I also got "Quench" the hydrating serum $60.00 which is not too bad.
    Honestly I think it is more hype than anything. I was almost ready to try a jar of deep tissue repair but decided for $150.00 I know I can find something that equals it for less money.
    I have tried ALL the high end lines, La Prairie, La Mer, Z. Bigatti, Darphin, Sisley, Natura Bisse and many many more and they all end up being the same.
    Personally I don't think it's any better than Dermalogica which is half the price.
  3. I have been using Kate in a Jar for over a month and I absolutely love it. It is a really good exfoliater that uses enzymes. I would say that it is like getting a mini facial.

    I'm also amazed how Deep Tissue works. I don't know what Peptides K8 is and what it can do. I found the first time I used it, it did balance the oil on my face. I no longer had the oily T-zone that I get every morning. I found after a month, my tiny red veins that I have around my nose turned pink and almost each night, the shade of pink get lighter.