Kate & Ryder

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]Taking a break from shooting the adventure comedy Fool's Gold, Kate Hudson continues to take in the sights Down Under with son Ryder, 2, in Queensland on Friday.
  2. Very cute! Do you think Kate secretly wanted a girl? I'm all for long hair on boys, but yikes!
  3. I swear that is a girl!!! But they are both soo adorable.. i love them!!
  4. they are so cute! I love Kate..she's so down to earth.
  5. She really needs to cut his hair. That is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.
  6. i've always thought he's a girl . LOL so cute
  7. She's being really ridiculous and needs to CUT HIS HAIR!!! Yikes:wtf:
  8. He looks like his Daddy!
  9. I thought there was some reason she had for keeping his hair that long. But I agree....it's time to cut it. Too long and stringy and it's GOT to be hard to comb. Just remember my DD and her screaming every time I got close to her with a brush....finally cut it into a bob and that worked wonders.....
  10. That is a boy?????!!??? :yes:
  11. I LOVE HER!!!!! She is so tan in the first pic. I wouldn't mind trading places with her for a while. Miss the sun and the ocean. I agree, it is time for his hair to be cut.
  12. they are SO adorable but puhleeeze for the love of god give that poor kid a trim!
  13. Kate's looking very golden in that first pic!!!
    I love her to death but gwad, cut that boy's hair!
    I keep thinking that Ryder is a girl!!!
  14. She's so pretty and there are so cute together! I agree she should cut his hair, but I've read somewhere that she won't do this until he's 3 years old because they're Jewish.
  15. She looks great and I love her tan! Her son looks so much like his Daddy it's scary... I wish she'd cut his hair though :P