Kate Plus 8

  1. She seemed way to calm and with a couldn't care less attitude...Yes she is right to continue with the show, it's not cheap to raise her 8 kids and get them through school, college etc..But she really had an I don't care about anything attitude, poor me my help is with my daughter in the hotel and now I have to deal with 7 other kids..She was not sympathetic at all.
  2. I was a bigger supporter of Kate in the beginning... before I got a sense of her true personality that is. Have always and still do think she's a good mom. Her kids are proof. However as time went on I found her to be, without listing all the adjectives, an unhappy bitter woman. Nothing that attracts you to a person. She needs to get all that straightened out inside herself at some point. I can't imagine ever wanting to spend much time with her.
  3. I think Kate does the show because it's a good source of income for everyone, absolutely. I don't think it's a bad thing though- it's better than when she was on DWTS because she's with her kids this way. I like watching the show.

    I thought Discovery Cove looked really cool.
  4. Oh, I do not blame her for doing this show, I really don't. She can now give her kids the best life possible, they do so many cool things and go on so many cool trips. I just think the old show was more about her kids. Now it seems to be more focused on her. I don't think anyone can (or has the right to) judge her until they have walked a mile in her shoes.
  5. i don't blame her for doing the show, but i just didn't find it very interesting.

    the interaction between her and jon was comical, plus the kids were so cute.

    now the kids are older...and she is alone. maybe she needs some dimwit to push around again (at least for the cameras)
  6. maybe Kelly from RHoNY?
  7. Oh she was whiney about it but this was the only time I did find her sympathetic. It's hard taking care of even a couple of kids when you are tired, much less 7.
  8. My husband thinks Maddy is going to take over the Jon roll somewhat. She won't push Maddy around like Jon but Maddy's temper tantrums and attitude will give it that bit of drama.
  9. I can't knock her for trying to support her kids..I still hate the woman though LOL

    Another thing that concerns me is when they weren't filming the kids never did anything "exciting" (and I truly believe she has the $$ to do exciting stuff with them) it's only when they start filming do the freebies come in etc...
    These kids are gonna grow up and just expect everything handed to them me thinks.
  10. i hate to say it, but i think they should bring back jon for guest appearance
  11. He has nothing else to do and could probably use the money. It'll be great for a laugh.
  12. Doesn't Jon get royalties from whenever they show Jon & Kate?
  13. Well It might be true about the ratings
    NO SHI"" people were going to watch the FIRST NEW EPISODE.. I watched just because I wanted to see what change other than that I wont waste my time watching that show..:tdown:
  14. i'm still peeved i can't watch this :sad: tlc has all their other shows with full episodes online.
    was even going to look up when it would re-air and then remember "oh yea... duhh ILuvShopping... YOU don't have TLC anymore!" boooo

    im off to google in search of a solution :biggrin:
  15. i guess she has to capitalize on everything right now, i just think she is less interesting on her own. i don't see this going on for many more seasons.