Kate Plus 8

  1. It was horrible. Every other shot was looking down her shirt, my husband kept asking "when did she get those?"

    I miss the old show, where she berated her husband...

    Only positive, she looks a whole lot better than last year. New hair, boobs (or really good bra) and a whole lotta spray tan!
  2. i haven't seen any reports that she got her boobs done. i know at one point she got a lift tho, didn't she??
    i plan to watch the new episodes sometime soon so i'll come back to give an opinion after i see lol

    although i have to admit... i was very excited there were be new episodes. those kids are too freaking adorable!!

    i saw a clip from some news show and it showed the kids squealing with excitement once they saw the camera crew again.
  3. they were at a resort in orlando, and it said it was 90 degrees...and they made them put these wetsuits on the kids. i would have refused, they were so hot and uncomfortable!

    the kids are adorable, but i didn't really find the show very interesting.
  4. when is this show on?
  5. I think a lot of people either really like her or really hate her.
  6. Apparantly the raitings were amazing.
  7. ^^ I read that as well.. on Perez Hilton, so I don't know how valid it is haha. I don't think she is doing the show for the right reasons. I think it is an opportunity for her to profit but hey, I don't know her so I don't know what her intentions are.
  8. I freaking hate her with a passion. In saying that she looks GREAT and those kids are adorable and Matty is still a freaking brat LOL
  9. I can honestly say that I don't care about her. When I saw her on DWTS, I found her to be a horrible dancer and I didn't care for her personality. I'd never watch her show and I don't understand why anyone would watch it.
  10. I can't stand her and won't watch her show, but yes, she did get her boobs done, when she had her tummy tuck done. If you do a Google search, there are all kinds of stories on her plastic surgeries.
  11. I TOTALLY agree.
  12. i won't watch that show...i can't.
    she is annoying.
    she is so full of herself that it's not even funny.

  13. Totally agree! I think she is totally in it for the fame and fortune. I question her motives for doing this show.
  14. i don't question her motives. money and fame...and rubbing her ex's nose in it.
  15. ^ Exactly. That's the reason why I won't be watching.