Kate please just dump him NOW !!!!!

  1. I could not believe these pictures in todays newspaper of Pete Doherty (Kate Moss boyfriend) injecting a passed out fan with heroin in his flat .. only 5 weeks ago . This will definately ruin her career if she stays with him :mad:

  2. That is absolutely insane!
  3. That guy is crazy.
  4. Holy Moly! That is SO wrong!!! I really hope she gets rid of him.
  5. SICK!!!!!!

    I never understood why she was with him anyway. I started to like her a lot less after she started to get in trouble with him...she can do SO much better!

    Are they still together? I thought she stopped dating him?

    And why is he injecting the fan with heroin? Just for the he** of it? :hrmm:
  6. wth. WOW.

    Yea, I'm wondering why he injected the fan with heroin!
  7. When did they get back together?:amazed:
  8. He won't be alive for long at the rate he's going.
  9. That picture really freaks me out...how sick.:sick: :sick:
  10. OMG - crazy!
  11. that is so wrong
  12. Horrible. She must get rid of him - she must be mad. I agree she can do so much better than him.

  13. slime bag.....
  14. Thats creepy
  15. OMG! There are no words.:amazed::sick: