Kate & Pete Ain't No Sonny & Cher !!!

  1. [​IMG] Kate joins boyfriend Pete on stage.
    The couple, who have had a turbulent on-off 18-month relationship, took to the stage at the Music Factory in Carlow, Ireland, where they performed an impromptu duet.
    After mumbling his way through Babyshambles' repertoire of songs, it was time for his band's piece de resistance.
    Giving his 32-year-old model fiancee the merest nod of the head, Miss Moss took her cue and leapt - past a team of security men - onto the dimly lit stage.
    As Doherty, 27, strummed the first few chords of the appropriately named La Belle Et La Bete - Beauty And The Beast - the Croydon-born supermodel grabbed the nearest microphone and promptly began to sing.
    Cigarette in one hand, mic in the other, she warbled through a chorus, shaking her hips and jutting out her legs in loose time to the music. As the crowd whooped on in encouragement, Miss Moss's singing was, sadly, largely muted out.
    Song over, Miss Moss wiped her brow and resumed her position by the side of the stage. She spent the rest of the gig gazing lovingly at her self-confessed heroin addict lover, and taking photos of him on a small digital camera.
  2. :lol: heh, all I can do is laugh.
  3. Fair play for giving it a go though!!!:lol:

    Great pic - thanks for sharing!:flowers:
  4. That description is SO HILARIOUS, PM!!! I'm sure they think they're sooo cool, sooo heroine CHIC!!!
  5. LOL Thanks Moviegirl :P
  6. When is she going to learn?!....he's married already, to DRUGS!
  7. Who takes care of her little girl? They are always photographed looking like Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg...(old farts like me will agree with that comparison...) and yet the little girl is not around. Is she being raised by other people?
  8. ^^^Let's hope so.
  9. OMG Roo- way to make me feel my age!!! I'm sure she is just trying to have some fun- at eveyone's expense!
  10. what the heck does she see in him? that's what i wanna know, but she's got nice legs.
  11. OMG Roo, you're killing me!! Right on. :lol:
  12. Ditto! I just don't get it. :confused1:
  13. :lol: Keep on truckin', sistah ;)
  14. Hmm, hope that Pete has straightened his act out. I'm not sure what Kate sees in him but there must be something!
  15. The something that she sees in him is an unlimited drug supply...
    Addicts like to stick together.
    She is on the same road as he is, she's just better looking