Kate Moss's bag in this picture

  1. I have no idea which designer that is, but it looks very similar to a Kooba.
  2. Kate's bag is PRADA.:flowers:
  3. what is up with her teeth in that pic?!
  4. i don't know about the bag, but lila is soooo cute.
    it's nice to see her with her daughter, i've only seen 2 pics of them together so far.
  5. The latest washed leather from Prada.
  6. that child is beautiful. :smile:
  7. Don't know what the bag is but I know the dress is limited edition Celia Birtwell for Topshop which sold out in about two minutes and you can only get on ebay now. Obviously being Kate Moss she got a freebie - jealous!
  8. i love it!
    i wish we had topshop in the US...
  9. yeah!!! topshop is opening soon in my country! :yahoo: :wlae:
  10. wow! I must live in a cave. I never knew she had a daughter! :smile:

    She is beautiful! Who's the daddy!

    Oh, love the bag too! I love the leather!
  11. her daughter is called lila Grace and her father is jefferson Hack who is owner/editor of Wallpaper magazine - a v. trendy hip happening mag apparentley! ( never read it myself as I am not very hip and happening!)
  12. cute girl, don't love the bag too much.
  13. Jefferson is the founder of Dazed and Confused magazine. He also edits Another Magazine and Another Man magazine. He's an amazing editor and all the magazine's he's involved with are exceptional. He's a bit of a dandy and is possibly the most stylish man around he's kind of like a male version of Kate when it comes to interesting outfits. Dare I say it he's probably more fashion savvy than she is.

    He's just a damn cool guy.

    Jefferson with Lila Grace:

  14. He was at school with my husband....
    I don`t think he was always seen as cool :lol: