Kate Moss

  1. so terrible for her daughter...
  2. I really wish that would just leave her alone! Does London police have nothing better to do?
  3. hi everyone im new here, and im excited to start!

    does anyone know the fabulous purse that she is carrying around???:love:

  4. I don't know who's bag that is, but I WANT IT!!!
  5. It's the Chloe betty bag.
  6. WElcome. It is a pretty bag, I think KM is just so chic!
  7. Oh, this sculpture is kinda weird :weird:
  8. why would they have her pose like that?
  9. Uh, creeeeepy!!! :oh:
  10. i dont know about you..
    but that is freaking me out!!
  11. WOW!...and that is not a good "wow"...ummmm, I don't like it! Is that supposed to be art?
  12. supposedly, she's doing yoga. this guy's a perv.
  13. reminds me of the britney spears one...

    that sculpture is barf.