Kate Moss Topshop Leather Jacket

  1. Hi,

    I keep reading that she designed a leather jacket as part of her collection, and even saw a picture of it in Grazia magazine.

    I'm just wondering if anybody actually saw it on sale?
    Maybe it'll be released later on or something, but it never went on sale on the website, in my local store or even on eBay, so i'm confused.

    Can you gals shed any light in this for me??

    Many thanks,
  2. i saw the pic too but i know leeds, newcastle, sunderland and the metro centre havnt had it. iv been to all 4 in the past week
  3. i think her line is opening at Barney's today
  4. I've just looked in my new Grazia mag (UK ed which I got yesterday) and it does mention that key pieces were not in the stores for opening night but it doesn't mention WHEN they will be available.
  5. Thanks girls, it's strange alright. I'm in Ireland, so i'd say we got a limited range here. I wonder was the jacket in the Oxford flagship store?

    It's annoying me as i've been looking for a nice leather jacket and thought this might be a runner.

    Any other leads much appreciated! :flowers:
  6. No the leather jacket wasn't in OC store
    On the launch day they said the remaining pieces of this collection would be here in the next 2 weeks
  7. anyone have a pic? i've heard a lot about the thing but have yet to see a photo.
  8. all saints do some great leather jackets, check them out.
  9. I have been looking for this jacket too... i havent seen it anywhere, even searched eBay to see if anyone got 1.

    damn!! IT was soooo pretty too.
  10. :shrugs: you'd think they would have made sure they had all the pieces available
  11. Yeh, not all the pieces from the collection were released on the 1st of May, the topshop website is adding new things almost every day, and all these pieces will be available in the next week or so.
  12. Thanks for the replies ladies. I only ever saw a small pic in Grazia, can't find any on the net. It's interesting that nobody has seen it for sale yet - hopefully it has yet to be released!
  13. watch out with KM stuff, most were made of cheap fabric, were of poor fit, overpriced and cut on the small side.

    Nothing popped, waste of money and time.
  14. AAAAGGGH! I've been checking everyday and just saw it up on site after work today sold out in my size - no internet access at work! So disappointed...
  15. yes, they put them on this morning, and they sold quickly


    they usually filter a second batch in,
    just keep looking and best of luck :smile:

    oh, and consider going a size bigger than you usually do, these clothes are teeny tiny :biggrin: