Kate Moss' Summer Range at Topshop

  1. Im hoping they have some in my store. I live really close to Metro Centre and Newcastle store, yet they had about 3 items....really dissapointing too!
  2. Have you tried online?
  3. OK, so I tried again (the first collection was such a disappointment), and this time I purchased the one shoulder dress. It came, and I LOVE IT. I am really surprised, because after the last pieces I really expected to hate it, but im so so glad I gave it one last chance.

    Piccie here for you :smile:

  4. forgot to add, I still went one size larger than normal, and it fits nicely with a tiny bit to spare, so, sizing is not quite as crazy as the first time around, but I would still advise to go one size up :smile:
  5. are these in store allready ?..thanks :flowers:
  6. I'm sooooooooo disapointed!! We have the dress above in my local store in both black and white and it is rubbish!!!! Its flimsy, has no shape... pure crap! I've thought the whole collection is cheap and nasty!! The only thing i liked was the black shoulder bag but it was no where worth £80! :confused1:

  7. my local has loads of stuff... if you want anything PM me!
  8. ahh Juicy, thats such a shame, it didnt work for you. It honestly is the only piece of her collection that did seem to work for me :yes:.

    anyhow, now you can save your money for the sales :biggrin:

  9. Maybe i should try it? I just picked it up and wasnt overly impressed with it? I'm really glad i dont like her collection because EVERYONE seems to be wearing it! Lol!!
  10. Looks nice! I have the sandals (not pictured there) though and I would say don't bother. Just scratchy and uncomfortable. The clothes on the other hand - no idea! They look good though! I'd like one of those skirts but not in satin...
  11. I see nothing exciting.
  12. I was disappointed but then I did find a few pieces that I liked... The jeans fit surprisingly well, bit I had to get the largest size (30!!!)
    I really love the dress pictured above, do you think I'll find it in 3 weeks in London?
  13. Danae, I was in Richmond today, just outside London, and they had the white and the black dress on the rails in all sizes, so I am sure you will find one :smile:
  14. i'm not sure if this is the summer line, but i found these pics of nicole, selma, and cameron wearing kate's clothes. it looks great on them.
    6bd819d.jpg 6278hac.jpg 4u15yma.jpg 76f0a9c2f8sy2.jpg camkmossdress.jpg