Kate Moss purse, can anyone ID?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I'm pretty sre thats a black Mulberry Emmy-its beautiful i've seen it in the shops.
  3. i saw this exact bag on sale at Nordstrom for $500
  4. REALLY? Can you PM me w/the store please as I'd love to order it...I would really appreciate it!!! :nuts:
  5. thanks so much I must have it!! :yahoo:
  6. Mulberry Emmy. A truly beautiful bag.

    There is a vanilla one on NAP at the minute, for £350 ish. Excellent price, as you rarely see them for less than their £595 RRP.
  7. yes, that's emmy :yes:
  8. You ladies sure this is an Emmy -- doesn't look rectangular enough.

  9. Positive-I have that bag and it is an Emmy.:yes:
  10. When Kate carries it...it looks cool. When I picked it up in the store...it felt so boxy to me, I had no idea what to do with it and it scared me to death.
  11. I was thinking that too, that it's so boxy. Maybe I'll have to rethink this one since it might drive me nuts...
  12. Where can you find this bag in the US?
  13. I saw this bag at Loehmann's in NYC last weekend. About $800.