Kate Moss : New Designer For Top Shop ?

  1. Could Kate Moss be Topshop's new designer?

    18th September 2006

    [​IMG] Kate Moss is rumoured to be designing a collection for high street store

    Clothes designed by supermodel Kate Moss could be coming to a high street store near you - if the fashion rumour mill is to be believed.
    The famous catwalk queen may be in the process of designing a new collection for the popular chain Topshop, according to The Guardian.
    Moss appeared at Topshop's catwalk show yesterday - held just a day before the start of the official London Fashion Week.
    Though not part of the official schedule, the high street store has been criticised for having the audacity to show at the same time as major British designers such as Giles Deacon, Nicole Farhi and Paul Smith.
    Supermodel Kate Moss didn't seem to mind as she took her place at the side of the catwalk to watch Topshop's new Unique range.
    Moss sat giggling between Philip Green, Topshop's billionaire owner, and her hairdresser, James Brown.
    The supermodeal is now the face of a record 14 advertising campaigns and her £11million annual income is believed to have tripled to more than £30 million.
    Last year, high street retailer H&M dropped the supermodel as the face of their campaign after drug allegations were reported in the press. Pictures of her allegedly snorting cocaine divided the fashion world.
    Moss was told she would not face prosecution over the drug allegation. The Crown Prosecution Service said video footage indicated that the model had taken drugs but there was insufficient evidence to charge her. But after 12 months, the scandal seems to have boosted her career with a host of international contracts worth between $1million and $3 million each for prestige brands Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior.
  2. Man, there's no way my thighs, hips, butt or boobs would fit into anything "Moss"
  3. yep, it was on the TV in london today. I am guessing she will design a capsule collection abit like Celia Birtwell did, or maybe something for the unique range :smile:

    oh well, we can look forward to buying it for three times the price on ebay when it hits the shelves ;)
  4. I *love* that she's wearing/bringing back the looser wide leg jean style...I can't stand skinny jeans!

  5. me too, I love these boyfriend style jeans, so much casual looking and easier to wear!
  6. I'm sure it will be a sell out.

    She generally has very good fashion sense, IMO. :yes:

  7. I don't think they are easy to wear, though, unless you have a very good figure; or have narrow hips, but very big legs all the way down (and who has that?).

    If you're wide-hipped, or curvy, they fall from your hips and make you look equally wide all the way down :wtf: and if you're very skinny, they make you look like you have no butt/thighs because they flap around your legs! :shrugs:
  8. her collection is coming out on 1st May - and will probably sell it out no time :sad:. I probably won't be there (buhu) but good luck to UK ladies. it seems she is going for some studio 54/80s inspired revival.

    enjoy shopping.
  9. coming out in April!!! girls, sharpen your elbows! and guys like us would sit at the starbucks oppostie and chuckle!! hehe, just kidding!!
  10. OMG!!!! i can't wait to see them. i'm sure they're beautiful, she had a good sense of style :yes:
  11. Kate Moss is designing for Topshop and they are out in May she is modelling some of the pieces in this months UK Vogue
  12. Also today Giles Deacon has launched a range for New Look today. I picked up a great little dress
  13. Her fashion senses are great and stand out!

    She's rocks (but w/o crap Pete Dorothy).
  14. Oh really ? I'd be interested to see this, I mean, she can wear clothes well, but can she design them !
  15. I think the clothes will fly off the shelves no matter what they look like. She probably didn't contribute much to the design of them anyway.