Kate Moss' MJ Quilted Multipocket Chain Bag in Petrol - 40% off @ Saks

  1. I almost couldn't believe this bag was put on sale for 40% -- from fall '05, gorgeous petrol color, super soft/slouchy leather (definitely different from the leather on the current Stams). The quilted multipocket chain bag carried by Kate Moss (hers is black). $1100 originally, now $660.

    I came across this at Saks NYC over the weekend and it was the only one.....a super rare find IMO (especially at 40% off). I put it on-hold till the end of today, but it looks like I won't be getting it (spent way too much $$$ on other bag & shoes lately). If anyone is interested, call Margo Scali (SA, MJ handbags specialist) @ Saks NYC, 212-940-2225, and ask for this bag which is on hold.
    quiltedChainShoulderBag_9.5Hx10Lx4.5W_$1100saks.jpg kate_moss2.jpg
  2. WOW! CUTE!

    SELENA..Where are you??This is so you!!LOL!
  3. I want it!! someone buy it and end this torture!
  4. Someone should snap it up asap. =)
    I tried on a Black one (icy leather & suede lining) recently, it's nice! It's more comfortable (longer chain) than Denim Multipocket.
  5. I want this! I've been wanting this bag forever! How do I get it? I mean if it's on hold! So excited...:yes:
  6. Just call Margo (the Saks SA) at the # above and mention the Petrol-colored Marc Jacobs Quilted Multipocket Chain Shoulder Bag -- $1100 marked down to $660 -- and she should know what you're talking about. She has it on hold for me (today) but I told her that it's going to be either me or a friend (aka tPFers, haha) calling in to get the bag....she doesn't have any problems with it.
  7. YAY!!! So happy the bag's going to one of our members!
    Reymyst, congrats!!! So exicited for you too, hope you will be able to get it. Please update us on the status. =)

    Foxyclepatra, you are wonderful! =)
  8. I got it!!! So happy!! I can't wait to get it!!! :smile: Thanks so much. It was rather ironic becuase I was looking online and saw the sale link on Saks and was wondering how long ago it was on sale and whether I had any chance of finding one, so I come on here and it's the first link. This makes my day!! :graucho:
  9. Reymyst: The bag's meant to be yours. =) It comes looking for you, it's always nice to be able to get a dream bag at discounted price. Super sweet!!!

    Foxy: Did you end up getting any Bowler?
    None of the bags I wanted are discounted in the recent sales. I guess that's a good thing since I bought them a while ago & there's nothing I can do about them now. =)
  10. Congratulations! How exciting :heart:
  11. Reymyst - glad to hear the bag is going to a loving tPFer home :smile: I couldn't believe coming across that bag on sale for 40%, as nothing in that style family was ever put on sale (stams, etc.).....and the leather on that was so much better (as in soft/slouchy) than the leather on current stams. The SA told me it was a return that they found in the back stock room -- well I inspected it very closely and didn't find any flaws whatsoever. Looked just brand new.

    Now if anyone ever finds a Ursula Bowler in Black Patent,a Ursula Black Elise, or a MJ Quilted Blake at 40% off -- please post it here!
  12. No, so far I've been pretty good at resisting my temptations to get the Ursula Bowler at full retail -- I'm mostly interested in the black color only (the lobster red caught my eye first, online, but in person that just looks a bit too much/too impractical to wear....although now that it's 40% off I'm getting temptations for the red again!). I don't know why, but deep down I just have this feeling that those bags are going to go on sale some day....some day....so I think I'll wait it out.

    Now my CC needs some serious rest/recovery as I just dropped way too much on a Chanel Cambon Reporter....the most I've ever spent on a bag so far. Well, it was 40% off....and it was the most-covetted black/black version which AFAIK hasn't ever gone on sale (NM/Saks didn't include it in their sale last week)....but still a ton of money. I'm trying to console my wallet by telling myself that it's a bag I've been lusting after for 2 years already, that it's the black/black version that just about never goes on sale (which also happens to be the exact & the only color version I want), that it's a bag I can use and also my mom can use..... Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I like it when it gets there (it was final sale unfortunately). If I don't then maybe I'll have to sell it, go back to square one, and think about the MJ Black Quilted Blake all over again (I love that MJ Quilted Blake is much more affordable than the Cambon Reporter, but the thing that bothers me about the MJ is the super-gold hardware contrasted with the black....I wish the hardware color could be a bit toned-down).
  13. GOD GRAMMIT!!!!!!!!

    If I wasnt cleaning my house that bag would have been mine!!!

    Congrats to the new owner!

  14. It does have chains! :roflmfao:
  15. I can be wrong, but I can't see Ursula Bowler/Elise especially in Black going on sale anytime soon. =) I'm so in love with Ursula Elise (already own Black) -- been calling lots stores for Chalk/Blush with no luck. If it ever goes on sale, I wouldn't mind getting Elise in multiple colors! Ursula Elise is not sold at Barney's NY, Nordstrom, etc. I believe it's only sold at MJ/NM/BG/Elux/NAP/etc. Nordies SAs guess that Ursula line will be discounted in the next round of sales (if they are still available then).

    Hope you will love Chanel Reporter when it comes.

    I prefer Unquilted Blake, I like Quilted Venetia though. Blakes from previous seasons have silver hardware.