Kate moss/longchamp: What do you think, keep or return ???

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Keep or not to keep?

  1. yummy a keeper for shure

  2. boring , return asap

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  1. It definately looks great on Kate and it's a very nice almost true white. I've been looking for a sober white bag for some time now but didn't want to spend a fortune for my first attempt at white (have a 15 month old, + two preteen girls). ;)
    I do have a paddy in blanc which is actually rather a saturated ivory and really doesn't go with true white.

    I pretty much gave up on finding a nice true white until I saw this yesterday.

    What do you think keep or return...is it too "boring"?
  2. Oh, it's lovely and not the least boring. I think white is such a statement colour that too much detail/fussiness is distracting - this bag speaks for itself. I'd keep it - well, if I weren't such a disaster area that white bags are strictly off-limits for someone as clumsy as me!
  3. i love it.. i think its great
  4. Keep! Keep!
  5. I love Longchamp anything!!! I am hoping to get one soon. Keep it!!
  6. I think it looks edgey and good. The problem with white bags is that they can look...old ladyish. This one is cool. As far as having white with 4 kids...you know the answer to that one!
  7. Keep!it's great!
  8. I think it's a keeper! Can it be that they are showing Kate Moss lying in dirt and the white bag still stays pristine???? very cute!!
  9. I love it!! Deff a keeper!
  10. ...thanks everybody for your encouragements hmmm that does sound pretty positive. :yes: Today it rains so I am not ready yet to make a decision but I keep observing it. Keep the comments/votes coming!

    cgsprings it's not dirt:wtf: but the beach:roflmfao:! But still here we try to keep our bags away from rain, little hands etc...

    Tropicagal I have 3 kids but only one is a toddler I am at an age (closer to 40 than to 30 or even 35) where I consider life is too short to always wonder : if this gets dirty, breaks etc...

    So if I want white now cutiepie will keep me from getting it!:boxing:
  11. i like it. :yes:
  12. i really like it! very classy ;)
  13. Do you have a modeling pic?
  14. I hear you! First, I love the bag - classic, but with a little modern twist. As far as the color goes, I only opt for Ivory/Cream/Winter White, because I have a 2.5 year old, and a 4 month old! It hides dirt LOTS better! The closest I have to pure white is a Coach black & White spectator tote that I love.
  15. Am I the only thats not thrilled by it? :sweatdrop: