Kate Moss... Help! What bag is this?

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  1. Pictured recently in People magazine (not sure which issue, but on page 147) I have a picture but I don't think I can get it to upload, she's wearing a black & white leopard trench and black suede Minnetonka boots and a blue shoulder looks like a messenger bag? Help! What bag is this? Thanks for any help!
  2. maybe you should attach pictures so we can help you.
    good luck!
  3. Is it not the Balenciaga hobo?
  4. This bag? Looks like a Balenciaga of some sort...
  5. yes it is Balenciaga....is it the weekend?
  6. Balenciaga weekender!:yes:
  7. yup! it's balenciaga in weekender or work?
    she had some balenciaga bags adn wore them a lot :P
  8. Weekender for sure, blue03
  9. yeha its that big ass balenciaga bag....the weekend its like $1.400 or somethin like that...idk i called about it a while ago
  10. I so love that bag!:yes: