Kate Moss: Gig Is Bloody Shambles

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    Over-zealous ... Kate gets groped after gig in Italy

    October 21, 2006

    JUST another night at a Babyshambles gig . . .
    Music, sweat, boob groping – and mystery, blood-red stains.
    Supermodel KATE MOSS was covered in claret after a crazy night in Italy.
    Her hands were splattered scarlet as she tried to escape from the scrum of people at the end of the show.

    Boyfriend and lead singer PETE DOHERTY was nowhere to be seen as she was pushed and groped by over-zealous fans.
    An onlooker said: “It appeared as if she had cut her wrists or arm.
    “It looked like there was red blood dripping down her hand and on to her jeans.

    “Some guy was jostling her and grabbed her boob.
    “It was a right scrum and she seemed really anxious about getting out of there.”
    Earlier she had joined Pete on stage at the Flog club in Florence.
    Smoking a cigarette she sang La Belle Et La Bete with the controversial singer – who has previously painted pictures in his own blood.

    Last night a spokeswoman for Kate called me to claim the stains were spilled red wine.
  2. that's disgusting!

    This girl's life is obviously out of control anyhow.
    How many MOTHER'S do you know are out at clubs like this?
    It's whack!
  3. ^ I was thinking the exact same thing!
  4. I agree. :yes:

    I'm all for having a good time (and I don't think Mums should have to behave like nuns), but this is getting out of hand (no pun intended, LOL!)...
  5. i never liked her ... with my respect to all her fans
  6. She looks out of it.
  7. yikes..pretty shameless..it's too much..:confused1:
  8. Yikes.
    She seems pretty out of it.

    And this is the same girl that graces all the highend fashion magazines.

    Her work motto . . . Work hard, party even harder?
  9. She is still so out of control. I feel badly for her daughter.
  10. With her trying to stay clean, it must be difficult to be around someone whose lifestyle (and the whole rock concert scene) makes it harder for her. That's a really disturbing photo.
  11. She needs to punt Doherty. He's been nothing but a bad influence. Why oh why?!?!? Getting groped like that is just awful! I wonder if she even realized that she was getting groped?!? She looks so out of it!
  12. ITA, what a waste.
  13. Do you really think she is clean???:confused1:
  14. According to PerezHilton.com, she is pregnant. :wtf:
  15. [​IMG] Pete and Kate go window shopping in Florence and, below, look in a jewelley shop on the Ponte Vecchio.