Kate Moss for Topshop

  1. On Tophsops site you can now see a lookbook of the clothes KM has designed, they are very her and really nice but definitely designed with someone a size British 8 max in mind, the shorts and dresses are pretty short, they are certainly not designed for my figure, think J.Lo, Beyonce!:yucky:
  2. Yeah I think the whole idea was to have her in mind as the entire inspiration for the collection; hence the cut of the clothes.

    Also I read in the london paper that the collection will be available for sale via the website from 4.30am on the opening day.
  3. i cant wait, there's a dress i've seen in the lookbook that I definitly want!

    does anyone know how exclusive this range will be? will there be plenty available? can just imagine people buying it to sell on eBay if it's going to sell out quick!
  4. I'm really looking forward to this, but I agree - from what i've seen I don't think any of the looks are geared towards the average size 12/14 figure! D'oh. Really like that white dress with the cut out collar.
  5. ^^ I love that dress too!
  6. I'm eager to see what the real designers came up with.
  7. Top Shop have said that customers will only get to purchase 3-4 items each and they are planning to keep the store open to 12am on the day of the launch
  8. hmm I am so not interested. She hasnt designed them, its clothes inspired by La Moss, and to be perfectly honest with you, who in there right mind, would want her as their inspiration :confused1: :yucky:

    I think Philip Green is as out of his mind as Kate clearly is for paying her.

    Not for me, thats for sure :smile:
  9. i like what ive seen so far. i was surprised, everything looked like something she would wear. im excited!
  10. I'm excited to see her designs !
  11. These are going to launch at Barneys in the US....
  12. They'll only look good in the one who designed them: Kate Moss herself.
  13. She's been paid £3m for her Topshop collection. But has Kate Moss done anything more for the money than open up her own wardrobe?

    [​IMG] New York 2005: Kate loved her blue pansy frock so much she put it in her collection, £45

    [​IMG] London 2007: Black satin chic is adapted for the high street with top, £18, skirt, £45, belt, £35

    [​IMG] London 2006: The stripes and the three-quarter sleeves reappear here: jacket £65, top, £18, with trousers, £45
  14. me too.:yes:
  15. love your post with the pictures, Prada's Meadow - now we know the truth of the matter!

    p.s. thought you'd be interested in this (which is posted on the Kate Moss for Top Shop website):
    "Kate starts to bring her ideas to life, using pieces that inspire her; old photographs, drawings, sketches; pieces which say something new with fresh shapes, textures and a vintage feel."


    more like pieces currently in her own wardrobe!

    : P